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    Physics 201
    Semester 1 (Fall 1998):

    1. The Art of Science: Stardust; Observing the Night Sky; Greek Theories; Copernicus, Kepler.

    2. Atoms: Greek atom; Atoms & molecules; Metric distances; Smallness of atoms; Atoms and empty space, Atomic models - planetary and quantum; Chemistry and life.

    TEST 1... CHAPTERS 1, 2

    3. How Things Move: Aristotelian physics and difficulties; Law of Inertia; Measuring motion - velocity and acceleration; Galileo's Law of Falling Bodies.

    4. Why Things Move As They Do: Forces; Newton's Law of Motion; Weight, Law of force pairs; The Automobile.

    TEST 2... CHAPTERS 3, 4

    5. The Universe According to Newton: Apple and the moon, The law of Gravity; The Newtonian World View and its limitations.

    TEST 3... CHAPTERS 4, 5

    6. Conservation of Energy: Work and Energy; The law of energy; Transformations of energy; Power.

    7. Thermodynamics: Heating; Heat engines; Energy quality; The automobile; The steam-electric power plant; The law of entropy .

    TEST 4... CHAPTERS 6, 7


    Semester 2 (Spring 1999): (Tentative)

    8 & 9. Electricity and Magnetism: Model of the Atom; Electric field and force; Electricity making magnetism; Magnetic field and force; Magnetism making electricity; Motors and Generators. Comparison of Gravity and Electricity. Electromagnetic Waves.

    TEST 1... CHAPTERS 8, 9... Electricity and Magnetism parts

    8 & 9. Waves: Waves; Reflection, Refraction, Interference; Light; Electromagnetic theory of light; The complete spectrum; Solar radiation, Global warming and ozone depletion.

    TEST 2... CHAPTERS 8, 9... Waves, Light, Electromagnetic Spectrum parts

    10. Theory of Relativity: Einstein & Galileo; Principle of relativity; Einstein's logic; Relativity of time.

    11. The Universe According to Einstein: Relativity of space; Relativity of mass; E = mc2; Relativity and the Newtonian worldview.

    TEST 3... CHAPTERS 10, 11

    15. The Nucleus and Radioactivity: Nuclear forces; Nuclear energy and nuclear structure; Radioactive decay; Radioactive dating; Human exposure; Risk assessment.

    16. Fusion and Fission: The energy of the nucleus; Fusion; Fission and the chain reaction.

    TEST 4... CHAPTERS 15, 16

    17. The Energy Future: History of energy; Use today and in future; Technology assessment; Renewable energy; Conservation of energy.

    13. & 14. Quantum Theory and the Quantum Universe: Quantization of matter and waves; Duality of nature; A relook at the model of the atom; Uncertainty Principle and Probability.

Tentative Grading Input Each Semester:

4 Tests ........... 60%
Attendance, Homework, Exploratories, Participation, Quizzes: ..... 40%

Attendance Policy: It is expected that students will attend all classes. Attendance will be taken each week.

Homework due dates will be indicated in class notes. Normally the homework will be discussed as part of the class and the hour following the telecast.

An A or B is earned by learning the principles and concepts and being able to use such knowledge to reasonably arrive at answers. You are encouraged to ask questions in class and outside of class using the 800 phone/fax in Dr. Rotter's office.

Tests will be posted on this web site. Answers to test questions can be entered on the WEB, or faxed, or emailed. Date of posting will be announced and stated on tests. We will follow the same policy on tests as used for the latter tests during the first semester.