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Stretch And Relax


How much work do you do when you exercise? Let's take a trip to the local gym to determine the forces we exert and the work that we do.


Exercise machines at school's athletic department or at a local gym which might let group come during school hours.

Procedure: (For each machine)

1. Record the weight being lifted.
2. Record the height the weight is lifted. Calculate the work done against gravity.
3. Record the distance the hand moves to lift the weight.
4. Calculate the force the hand exerted to lift the weight.

5. Change the weight being lifted and repeat steps 1-4.

6. Calculate the Mechanical Advantage of each machine. Describe the way(s) in which the machine creates the mechanical advantage.


Summing Up and Questions:

1. Which type machine has the greatest Mechanical Advantage?
2. Does the body do work while lowering the weights? Explain.
3. Do the legs do work on any of the machines? Explain.
4. Compute the number of calories of body energy are done in each cycle of each machine.