WestVirginia University in Vendée, France

Les Vendéens 1999!

Nicole Angelicchio
French and Spanish major

Kimberly Dorman
Business, Russian, and French major

dowdell.jpg (4728 octets)

Jodi Dowdell
English and Philosophy

graber.jpg (4631 octets)

Carolyn Graeber
Major undecided

Brad Gunnell
Education and French

jeffries.jpg (3498 octets)

Jennifer Jeffries
French and English

kubal.jpg (2810 octets)

Kathleen Kubal
French major

mcknight.jpg (2740 octets)

Kelly McKnight
Political Science and French

Freddy Perkins
French and Creative Writing

racin.jpg (2305 octets)

Helena Racin
Liberal Arts

schattenberg.jpg (4514 octets)

Kathleen Schattenberg

Amy Workman
International Business, 
French, Computer Science





 Et les GPO (Gentils Professeurs Organisateurs)

Dr. Valérie Lastinger
(avec Alexandre et Lucie)
Associate Professor, WVU

Dr. Michael Lastinger
Associate Professor, WVU