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July 4, 1999

I've long heard that the English term "luv" for the score of zero in tennis came from the French "l'oeuf", meaning egg.  While not at all sure of this etymology, I suppose it derived metaphorically from the similarity of the object and the symbol "0".  In any case, tennis players in Les Sables have egg on their face today because this July 4 is the rainiest day we have seen since our arrival in France.  I should note that in France the lowest score in tennis is noted by the imaginative and original term "zéro."  Below, you see the terrace of Le Tennis Club Sablais, which overlooks the empty clay courts of the outdoor arenas.

07-03-1999-01.JPG (19592 octets)

WVU-V, however, never stops.  Amy Workman, a member of the WVU tennis team, has a match scheduled today at the indoor asphalt courts of the Tennis Club.  She has also chosen today to do her interview for her culture and communication project.  Below, Amy interviews her new friend and tennis partner Nicolas Legros about the world of tennis in France.

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After the interview we move from the club house to the indoor courts where Amy and Nicolas begin a friendly Franco-American match.


Stay tuned to WVU-V!

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