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May 28-30, 1999  

Below is a simple photo album of a few scenes from the days preceding the officialo start of WVU-V, 1999.  Due to upload and download times for images, the photos of below have been compressed for the internet.  Higher quality digital photos will be available to the Vendéens, their families, and friends soon after our return to the States.

Here are a few Vendéens in the Pittsburgh International Airport.   They are preparing to board US Air flight 48 bound for Paris, France:

05-28-1999-1.jpg (7485 octets)

Kathleen Schattenberg (center, with parents)

05-28-1999-2.jpg (7183 octets)

Brad Gunnell (right, with parents)

05-28-1999-3.jpg (8832 octets)

Kimberly Dorman (left, with mother)

05-28-1999-4.jpg (6041 octets)

Valérie and Lucie Lastinger

05-28-1999-5.jpg (7162 octets)

Nicole Angelicchio (right, with mother and sister)

05-28-1999-6.jpg (7590 octets)

Kelly McKnight (second from right, and family)

05-28-1999-7.jpg (7625 octets)

Freddy Perkins


After a pleasant flight with US Air, we arrive in Paris and learn of the baggage handlers' strike.  Below some of the Vendéens wait on the sidewalk for their luggage to arrive.  In retrospect, the three hours passed more quickly than it seemed at the moment.

05-29-1999-2.jpg (8191 octets)

05-29-1999-3.jpg (8217 octets)

Below is the beach of Les Sables d'Olonne on Sunday May 30, 1999.   The temperature is in the mid-eighties (Fahrenheit), and it is perfect weather, especially considering the torential storm that passed through early this morning.

05-30-1999-1.jpg (8670 octets)

Lucie and Alexander Lastinger waste no time getting acclimated to Les Sables d'Olonne!!!

05-30-1999-2.jpg (24701 octets)


 Stay tuned to WVU-V!

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