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June 2, 2009: Paris Parfait

In his day, Emile Zola was one of the world's most famous writers. His books are still widely read, and they advance the causes of truth, science, and justice. Zola is most famous today for his battle to clear the name of Captain Alfred Dreyfus. In the days when France had one official religion, Dreyfus was accused of treason (selling secrets to the German army). Zola looked at the evidence or lack there of and conluded Dreyfus was innocent. Zola begn a campaign to prove it, and wrote an open letter to the President, which no one would publish. No one, that is, but Georges Clemenceau. The letter "J'Accuse" shook France to its heart, and eventually brought down the government and the corrupt generals behind the false charges.
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Date: 6/1/09 10:48 AM
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