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Katherine Molinari likes sports.  She has played soccer at WVU, and she has a pretty good standing among the beach players here in Les Sables.  She has interviewed coach Dédé Goltin who runs one of the local youth soccer teams -- they're called the "Tigers" in honor of Vendée's own political and military "tiger", Georges Clemenceau.  One thing Katie learns is that sports are not a part of the French school system.  Schools are for studying, says coach Glotin.  If you're an athlete you join a club, and that's what the Tigers are.  Coach Glotin says his philosophy of coaching is based on three pillars:  1) patience ; 2) diplomacy and tact ; 3) group spirit.  Katie asks the coach  his thinking on why soccer (it's called "football" here) is the world's most popular sport.  He says he thinks it's because the equipment is cheap and accessible to all and because many players are needed to make a team.



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