Sunnyside ... on the Isle of Black

We saw earlier that this island was taken and retaken so many times over the centuries.  At one point in the 1790's it was solidly in the hands of the Royalists, and under the command of the great General d'Elbée, agent of the King himself.  This island was safe from all comers, except from the Republicans who fought for the Revolution.  They found the secret way across the bottom of the sea (the Gois that we're about to visit), and they won the island for their cause.  General d'Elbée was injured and taken prisoner.  When it came time for his meeting with the firing squad, he was still too weak to stand.  This is the legendary chair where d'Elbée died.  Seeing the bullet holes so easily, some of our students asked where the blood stains were.  All I can say is that they chose the upholstery just right to make this one of the great mystery's of French history.




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