D-Day: the Sixth of June

Today in 1944 years ago, the Allies landed on the shores of Normandy.  We'll see tomorrow that the movement was not a single thrust, but a pincer.  The landing in northern France was directed by General Eisenhower.   The one in the south of France was led by General de Lattre de Tassigny.  Together they would sign the papers accepting German capitulation. Our field trip tomorrow will take us to the small village of Vendée where de Lattre de Tassigny was born.  By a strange twist of fate it is also the village where another great figure in French history was born:  Georges Clemenceau is know here at the "Father of Victory" -- this victory being that of 1918.  We'll also visit the home of one of Vendée's most famous scientists.  Much of our class work is preparation or follow-up for our work on the road.  More on all that tomorrow.



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