We float, and never sink...

You may know that in the middle of the first milleniam, the Roman Empire fell to barbarians invaders from the north.  The invaders that focused on Gaule were the Germanic Francs.  Gaule thus became FRANCe.   The first of those barbarians to convert to Christianity was the Merovingian King Clovis, baptized in 496 (or thereabouts).  Clovis took up the legend of Saint Denis, and made his kingdom the glory of Christendom in the earliest days of its glory.  Soon Charlemagne would take this glory one step further.  Although Charlemagne himself is not, here we do see the tombs of his parents and descendents in this, the most glorious of French cemeteries.  As lover of history I like to admire the tomb of Charlemagne's father, Pépin le Bref (Pépin the Short).  As a golfer, I admire even more the tomb of his mother, Berther au Grand Pied (Big Bertha!!!).



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