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Marcie Kent is an art major at WVU, and as you can imagine, that goes just fine with French.  She has gone to the local and widely recognized Musée de l'Abbaye de Sainte-Croix.  This museum has treasures from the earliest times of pre-historic Vendée up to the present, but it is most noted for its collection of modern art.  Marcie was especially fascinated by the work Gaston Chaissac (1910-1964), and she has interviewed Madame Jackie François-Darel, a curator of the museum.  When Chaissac died forty years ago in nearby La Roche-sur-Yon, he was already a national figure.  A part of his legend is his devotion to the simplicity of his origins.  As the son of a shoemaker, he practiced that profession himself a part of his adult life.  His art was completely self-taught, and Madame François-Darel suggests this is a part of his genius for what she calls "l'art pur" (pure art).  This is a very nice presentation on another of the treasures of Les Sables d'Olonne.  (Now, I love to say this...)  Merci, Marcie! 
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