La Dernière Classe


Rebecca Gontarz has gone way out -- or should we say "way up" -- for her project.  Her host brother Maxime Moreno, is taking lessons to be a pilot.  Rebecca followed Maxime to a lesson and interviewed both him and Monsieur Gilbert Ducos (known in the airs also as "Cambour Gilbert").  Rebecca explains the organization of the local aeronautics club and the process of obtaining a pilot's license.  She has also found out about the planes and their price.  A basic trainer costs around 160,000 €, for example.  Would-be pilots must first be at least 15 years old and certified in good health.  After a long series of classes and exams on such things as mechanics and weather, they must fly at least 45 hours with an instructor.  To "top" things off, Rebecca and Marcie got a flying tour of Vendée this past Sunday.  Rebecca now holds her first degree in aeronautics for having piloted her own plane in the skies of Vendée, France.
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