La Dernière Classe


Now, down to business.  Angela Pepe has gone to the hospital of Les Sables to find out more about health care in France.  She has interviewed Madame Darriau, a nurse at the Hôpital des Sables.  Among other things, she learns that admission to medical school is relatively open in France.  Getting through your first year is the real barrier here.  Of a freshman class of 700 only 100 will make it to the second year.  Doctors in France are thus highly respected, but they generally make more modest salaries than their American counterparts (Angie says about 48,000 € is about average).  Doctors often work 60 hrs a week, whereas nurses generally put in in 38 hrs.  Angie says that the first priority of all health professionals is the care of the patient.  It's pretty clear that this commitment is serious -- France has one of the highest life-expectancies in the world.  Merci, Angie, et bonne santé!
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