Jessika Thomas is last on the podium today.  Her topic is "ostréicuture" -- or in plain English, "oyster farming."  She has worked with a local business in nearby Talmont to discover the secrets of an industry the depends on a delicate balance of human effort and the elements of nature.  Oysters are one of the most prized delicacies of any French table, and they are especially sought after around Christmas time in all of Europe.  In these waters, known far around as clean and fresh, the oyster is edible all year round -- despite the myth of the months with an "R".  Among other interesting facts, Jessika tells us that an ordinary oyster is three of four years old when it reaches the market.  All that depends on the weather and the waters: to much rain or too much cold makes for a poor harvest.  Good years like 2003, and apparently, 2004 make up in part for tough times.  I, for one, am a passionate supporter of this particular enterprise...
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