Where the Lion Passed His Winter

Our official visit ends with a few minutes to walk the walls of Chinon.

I should note here the most famous event that took place in this castle.  In 1429, King Henry V of England, descendant of Henry PlantagenÍt and nearly last of that dynasty, had won claim not only to England but also to France.  The Hundred Years War seemed won by the English.  The French heir had no throne and no crown.  He took refuge here, ironically one of the few places in France the PlantagenÍts did not now govern.

The little prince Charles hid here as a young maid named Joan of Arc crossed enemy lines to seek him out.  It was here that Joan convinced the future Charles VII (Charles the Victorious) to give her authority to wear armor and bear arms against the English.  From here she began her campaign of destiny...

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