Gardens and Gore

The visitors' record here is among the most amazing documents we encounter each year.  Here we see "Vive le Roi et les Vendéens" -- "Long live the King and the Vendéens".  France today is a democratic republic, with leaders elected and dismissed by direct popular vote.  Some would deeply desire the return to hereditary monarchy, best for those privileged to understand the real needs of the nation.  Others would deeply desire at least an indirect vote, more favorable to the better advantaged.  For the moment this 5th Republic votes directly for its leaders, one vote, one person -- poor or rich.

No one who knows the history of democracy is convinced that this is the way things must be.  I say this just as a point of reflection: Only the most cruel of dictatorships is more fragile than direct democracy.  Thus far in human history, neither has endured very long.

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