Gardens and Gore

The Chabotterie knew its best times in the mid-1700's, but soon came the worst.  When the Revolution came, many in Vendée rose up against these new ideas in politics, economy, religion.  For several years civil war ravaged this region, and surely the greatest hero of the resistance to the new ideas was the Général Charette, of the Armée Catholique et Royale.  After a long struggle against the Republic in defense of God and King, Charette was finally wounded and captured in the woods of the Chabotterie.  He was brought to this house and laid out on the very kitchen table that we on the visit saw a few minutes ago.  He was taken from here to Nantes and paraded through the streets.  At his execution he asked to give the signal to the firing squad himself.  Before giving the sign, he pointed to his heart and spoke: "It is here that you must strike the brave!"
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