Hard Hearts, Hard Rocks

Lunch today is at the foot of Richard's castle.  If your heart can resist this fine cuisine, it must be hard indeed...  Today we are the guests of La Boule d'Or, one of the most prized tables in coastal Vendée.  Our entry today is a "mouseline d'avocat et de morlu et son coulis de tomate au basilic."

Let me add here that I tend to note menus in French without translation  The reason is simple.  We "English" are notorious for our bad eating habits.  I sometimes say we define ourselves by what we will not taste (ask any second-grader).  The French palate is open to discovery, even if it might kill them.  The French paradox, of course, is that their life expectancy is quite a bit longer than ours.  To make this short, we would never eat a "cow".  We would eat "beef", however.  You may well know that "cow" is the English word and "beef/boeuf" is the French.  Today our salad, vegetable and fresh fish, is simply delicious -- and I judge by the taste.  It's also a light fare fresh from the market.  This is the stuff of a long and healthy life....

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