A Rally in La Chaume

For the moment, though, let's turn to history a little more recent.  Sunday was D-Day number 60 and the ceremonies were numerous and powerful.  Everyone was aware that this was the last big number where the actual participants would be on hand.  All involved showed grace and dignity in remembering the courage of those who freed Europe.  We're not in Germany, of course, but this was the first time a German leader was also invited to these ceremonies.  This was indeed a powerful moment for all Europeans.  I should add here that the passing of President Ronald Reagan was also a major part of today's memorials.  All Europeans remember him as one of the most influential Americans of the 20th Century.  The French, the Germans, and maybe most of all the Russians, know what he did to "Bring down this Wall..."

French Mother's Day also fell on June 6 this year.  Here Jennifer Leu and Jessika Geletka stop by to deliver flowers for WVU-V's "Mother
 Dr. Valérie Lastinger.

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