A Rally in La Chaume

The quiz today is based lectures we did yesterday on the history of Vendée, from the Renaissance to the Revolution.  To summarize, this part of France was very sympathetic to Protestantism in the Renaissance, especially areas like our neighboring city La Chaume.   To end those wars the Protestant Prince Henri de Navarre converted to Catholocism and was crowned King Henri IV of France.  He quickly signed the Edict of Nantes, the first real proclamation of religious freedom in history.  Soon after, however, a new bishop was named to Vendée's most important diocese: Richelieu took over Luçon and he worked to extinguish any heresy in his jurisdiction.  He did so well that he moved to Paris as Louis XIII' most important advisor.  Soon he and Louis were victorious over the greatest Protestant fortress in the realm, that of nearby La Rochelle (Marcie Kent and Rebecca Gontarz are going there with their family this afternoon, as it turns out).
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