D-Day Minus One, 2004

My tour takes me by the port that separates Les Sables from its sister city La Chaume.  We see this ancient tower from all around, but in a sense it is on foreign soil.  La Chaume and Les Sables have a long history of cooperation and rivalry.  In more violent times one was catholic, the other protestant.  Today the division is less pronounced, but those of La Chaume speak with their own accent and mini-dialect.  They are also known for their special "joie de vivre".

Tomorrow is D-Day and it is Mother's Day in France.  It is also the day the day of the "Rally of La Chaume", a walking race around La Chaume where competitors seek out sites where they will find answers to questions about the life and history of La Chaume.  WVU-V! will be a part of this competition, the proceeds of which will go to community projects.  I hope to give you a report of the results tomorrow.

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