D-Day Minus One, 2004

This photo is another of my "moving pictures."  It's from the Isle of Noirmoutier on Thursday, and I was able to get this shot and then point this out to a few of the Vendéens who were looking in that direction.  This is one of the many, many German block houses that dot the coast of France from Belgium to the Spanish border.  They knew the Allied invasion was coming, but they did know when or where.

On the way back to Les Sables, we pass by an impressive building at the edge of town -- a former seminary that had been converted to a German barracks.  Our bus driver Gérard, an old friend of WVU-V, explains this history and tells of the pranks his parents and grand-parents played on the occupiers when they were kids in occupied France.  Some tricks were simple annoyances, some were serious threats to life and limb.  One thing is for sure:  after four years as foreign occupiers of French soil, a lot of German soldiers were ready to go home by the time 1944 rolled around.

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