D-Day Minus One, 2004

This picture is not from today at all.  It is from Paris on June 27.  Just behind Notre Dame Cathedral is a powerful monument to those 200,000 deported from France during the Nazi Occupation of 1940 to 1945.  Unfortunately, security no longer allows group visits to this site.  Since we could only enter 4 at a time and since time was limited, we were not able to see this majestic memorial to the martyrs who died in Hitler's camps all across eastern Europe.

This week all of France has been preparing for tomorrow's 60th anniversary of the 1944 Debarkation in Normandy.  My email this morning from the news of the French Embassy led off with the note:  "France Will Never Forget".  Having seen all the preparation for tomorrow, I know this is true.  Radio and TV here have been full of programs in memory of the day so many awaited with such anticipation.

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