Safe in Sand

Tourist season is not upon us yet, though the skies announce its coming.  In France everyone schedules their free time together across the country.  That makes for some horrific traffic jams, but also for  the traditional "family vacation" -- which to the French means getting together in a nice place with uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, and all the rest.  In July that's what will happen in Les Sables.  This town and community of around 25,000 will grow to nearly 300,000 inhabitants, including many of my French in-laws and cousins.  Our big gig this year is "Turning 50", as many of us will do this year.

As for June, WVU-V owns Les Sables and the sands that give it the name for a few weeks every year.  We're glad to have it to ourselves in the days before this place is overwhelmed by those "outsiders".

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