WVU-V! 2004-05-23/24
Bon voyage...kind of.

As it turns out, our flight out of Chicago is delayed too -- not for boarding, but for take off.  In any case we spend another long reading moment on the tarmac in O'Hare.  Once in the air, the pilot apologizes for the delay and then announces contrary winds.  We'll be a tad late arriving in Paris, not really a problem after all...  All through the flight, though, they ask us to stay in our seats, so I at least don't go round the plane looking for Cassandra, whom we had not been able to meet in Chicago.  In the end, though, it's much nicer meeting in Paris, the City of Lights, than in all that wind anyway.  Here she is, on May 24, as we await our baggage in Charles DeGaule Airport.
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