Grande Finale, Part Deux.

Jeremy has the honor of presenting our final oral report.  He has driven with his host father Monsieur de Petiville out to Les Clouzeaux, a small village several kilometers inland to visit one of Vendée's only two breweries.  The owner, Monsieur Chrisian Plain, has taught Jeremy a lot about the art of the brewmaster.  The basics are quite simple, however.  All beer is made from three main ingredients:  water, grain, yeast.   Most beers also have hops, a bitter flower that cuts the natural sweetness of the sugars from the grain.  By far the most prevalent grain used in beer is barley, but M. Plain has a special secret.  In addition to a base of 80% barley, he adds 20% millet to his grain input.  The word for "millet" in French is, you guessed it, "millet."  This is the most common grain in Vendée and the patois has a special name for it:  "meuille."  The the name of Monsieur Plain's beer:  l'Epi d'Meuille
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