Grande Finale, Part Deux.

Eryn Hammond has interviewed the owner of the cinema complex here in Les Sables.  Here she gives us a few key dates in the history of French movies:  1895, the world's first public projection of a motion picture in a café in Paris; 1902, the first production of dramatic cinema by Georges Méliès; 1907, the first exports of French film abroad by the production company Pathé.  French film was at the top of the world until 1914 when all the country's resources and attention were turned toward the Great War.  It was during those years that a sleepy little town in the US came to the forefront of world cinema.  That town was Hollywood.  Today French cinema is still among the most productive in the world, but it is far behind the US.  In a typical French cinema house today, half the films are French and half are foreign, and by far most of those foreign films come from the US.
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