Grande Finale, Part Deux.

Emily Rodgers is interested in merchandizing, and she has done her groundwork in grand fashion.  She has interviewed Jean-Marie, proprietor of the BAH¤A Surfshop here in town.  Jean-Marie specializes in beach- and surfing-wear, along with a small line of swimming and surfing equipment.  He is largely self-trained, but his success depends entirely in a good understanding of production and distribution on one end and on the presence and tastes of the consuming public on the other.  Emily explains that the first concern in merchandizing is keeping an eye on the budget and maintaining a good relation with suppliers.  Once the appropriate articles are in the store, organizing and displaying them is the highest priority.  If neither the owner nor the customer can find that beautiful swimsuit, it well never be worn -- nor purchased.  And of course all this depends on the weather -- a rainy or chilly season means fewer tourists and thus fewer sales.  Like many businesses in Les Sables, much of their business depends very heavily on the vacation season.
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