Grande Finale, Part Deux.

Auvid Momen has been curious about all the excitement surrounding the exams that have been going on this month.  She has looked into the system of national exams that crowns every successful program in France's system of secondary education.  The "baccalaureate" exams are by subject and take place at the end of the last two years in high school.  The exams are separated by subject -- math, French, philosophy, history, foreign languages, etc -- and they are graded anonymously be specially trained evaluators.  The grades determine whether and where students can go on to college.  After the regular exams, there is a brief window for "rattrappage" -- the chance to get extra points by doing extra work.  The prize at the end is entry into a good, or at least average, state university.  Auvid interviewed Mademoiselle Camille Martinez, who went through this process last year and is now at the Unversity of Nantes.  Camille is scandalized by the rising cost of higher education in France.  This year she has to pay a full 300 for a year's tuition -- that's nearly 350 dollars ! ! !
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