Grande Finale, Part Deux.

The big event today is the oral presentation of the individual culture projects.  Becky Reece leads of with a report on the cybercafés in Les Sables.  In addition to her own personal experience in this domain, she has interviewed Madame Doux who runs the Quiz Café here in town.  Becky has learned that there are 6444 cybercafé's in the world, and about 200 in France.  She also notes that French homes are less likely than their American counterparts to be equipped with internet access.   French have had a nationwide "Minitel", and ancestor of the internet,  for nearly 30 years now.  Cybercafé's serve not only the French, but also foreigners like us who need access while we're on the road.  Becky is not the only one of us who are happy to have this service while we're here.
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