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Jessica's presentation is just as rich as her samplings.  She has interviewed a cheese merchant in the Arago market downtown in Les Sables.  The master of  "La Cabane aux Fromages" has taught her -- and us -- the essentials of French cheesery (unlike so many others, this typo is not one; it's my own new word).  Jessica teaches us much today, but the basics are really basic:  a cow gives 6000 liters of milk a year; a she-goat gives 650 liters; a ewe gives 200 liters per year.  That's the gist of it, and from there we make quick cheese like yoghurt, caille-botte, petit-suisse. These are the product of a few hours of culture.  The six other kinds of cheese extend to the higher forms of "pressed-in-heat" and the "folded-with-mold".  My personal favorite is Roquefort, which is a bleu cheese of the latter category.  This is one of the most complicated subjects in French culture, so I'll spare you more details.  Right now, I just want a bit of bread and a chunk-o'cheese!!!
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