In the Heart of Old Vendée -- and New...

The nobles of the Chabotterie (the Chabot family) emigrated during the Revolution.  Quite simply that means that they left the country in fear of their lives.  This castle fell into the hands of the Republicans, who themselves were in great danger here.  Many of the peasants of Vendée rose up against the new Republic in defense of their King and their Catholic faith.  Above we see Becky and Blaire by one of the greatest heroes of those peasants -- the nobleman General Charette.  Charette led three years of heroic struggle to restore the monarchy, and he nearly succeeded.  Unfortunately for his ideals, he was betrayed by his allies and his enemies at once.  He was wounded and captured in the woods near here.  In this house he was nursed back to strength and then taken to Nantes nearby.  There he was paraded in the streets and set before the firing squad.  He refused to be blinded and asked to give the order himself.  As he did so he pointed to his breast and said "It is here that you strike the brave".  The fire parted and Charette was dead.  Vendée, also, was struck in the heart.
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