D-Day, the Sixth of June...

Today is a big day in France.  First it is the Sixth of June, and no one here has forgotten.  Television, radio, ceremonies are all full of commemoration of the day that marked the beginning of the Liberation.  This is also the weekend of Pentecost.  Monday is a major holiday in France and many of our Vendéens are right in the mood.  Some plan to use this three-day weekend for some extra travel.  One group is headed north to Normandy to see the very beaches that saw the great battles of 1944.  Another group is headed south to Bordeaux and the vineyards of some of the world's best wines.  For the moment, though, it's test time and we're all scratching our heads to retrieve the material that was so fresh in our minds in yesterday.  In fact this year's class is doing marvelously well.
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