Lions, and Tigers, and Lizards, Oh My !

When Richard became master of this castle, he had a precarious relation with the new king of France, Philippe-Auguste.  Philippe was the son that very Louis VII, ex-husband of Richard's mother Eleanor and who had a few years earlier burned this castle.  Richard and Philippe had actually been very close as times and they had gone off to the Third Crusade as "brothers" along with Eleanor who was one of the few women crusaders of the age.  That crusade seemed at first a great success but soon turned to disaster.  Richard was even taken hostage, and Philippe was soon to return to Europe.  It was during Richard's captivity that the legends of evil rule came forth in England and in these lands as well.  This is the time of Robinhood.  On this side of the channel and upon Richard's return the French and English thrones were at death's throes.  Richard was king of England, but his home is here and he would put all his energies into the defense of this land.  The triangular defense he built on this side of the castle is a defense against the land, not the sea.  The wall is designed to deflect against stones from armies inland from here, perhaps those of Philippe-Auguste of France himself.
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