In Vogue, In Vosges

This Protestant Prince would wage a great campaign.  And his military tactics were no less impressive than his political.  His army was victorious, but not decisive.  It may well be that his promise to every French man and woman of "A chicken in every pot" is what really made him king.  Herbert Hoover took this phrase to new heights, but we all know that whatever passions boils, at bottom "It's the economy, stupid."  Henri de Navarre was soon crowned Henri IV, king of France, and modern politics were born.  The Place des Vosges is one of Paris's most harmonious places, but it was born of the nation's most turbulent struggles.  This quiet, elegant enclave is a monument to its creator -- the Good King Henri IV, the first modern leader to declare religious freedom as the first principle a great nation.  This protestant king of a catholic nation was a pioneer in many ways.
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