The beach and Remblai ("Boardwalk") in Les Sables, May 25, 2003.
These few pictures of Les Sables are just a preview of things to come.  Now that I'm really on line, I will try to keep them going daily, or nearly so.  Dr. Valérie had to stay State's side an extra few days this year, which has added an extra challenge, but as always things are falling into place.  After setting things up here in Les Sables, I'm off for Paris tomorrow to meet all the Vendéens 2003.  There's a chance I will not have internet while I'm in Paris, so do not worry if these pages are not updated until next Saturday or Sunday.  In the meantime, all is well in France.  There's sun and prosperity, and the smell of vacation time in the air.  We're here to work, though, and no better time than the early days of summer.  I hope you can sense this in the few pictures of Les Sables that follow.
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