A la plage... / On the beach...

It's with great pleasure that I am able to communicate with you this evening.  Every year one of my biggest worries is connecting to the internet with the ever better equipment and software that progress demands.  Since we began his program in 1997, I've worked with Windows 95, 98, 98 second edition, ME,  and now XP, each of which posed a separate challenge, and none ever easier than the other (except ME, which connected like a breeze).  Today, in fact May 26, 2003, and yesterday, I've spent several hours with technicians here in Les Sables and with experts on line working on getting a computer from the US on line in France without completely reinstalling the system.  Around 8:00 pm this evening it all came together (I think).  This is a short version of a long story that means simply that our Living Calendar 2003 is back from the grave (I was about to give up, not!).  See the next page for the short of this.

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