Thumbs UP!

Volunteers are recruited from several tables for this activity.  Today two of our own are asked to empty their wooden shoes before an admiring crowd.  In the middle you may notice both Shannon Duggan and Francis Rengers.  You will also notice that Francis has finished his shoe of wine before all other comers.  This is especially remarkable in that he took the wine from the tongue of the shoe and not the heel as is traditionally done.

When the ceremony is over the innkeeper notes that before today he wore the shoes himself.  When not wearing them, he aired them in the inn.  This practice had the added benefit of killing all the flies that flew over the idle footwear.  He is proud thus to have run one of the most hygienic tables in Vendée.  No flies in this inn's buttermilk -- no sir.  Having missed this information while emptying their "bot", our connaisseurs noted that the wine was very, very good.

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