Bla, Blwa, BLOIS!

Our previous chapter on Henri III ended with his elimination of the Duke of Guise.  The next day he also ordered the killing of the Cardinal of Guise.  Since he had no male heir of his own, he also designated his cousin and brother-in-law Henri de Navarre as his chosen successor.  With Guise reduced and the Protestants now fully loyal to the crown, the kingdom seemed headed for peace and prosperity.  Henri had decided to settle a peace with the remaining followers of the Catholic party.  One messenger from the camp was a monk named Jacques Clément.  A faithful Catholic, Henri accepted the monk's request for a private audience.  He would not survive the decision.  His widow, Louise de Lorraine (a Guise herself) was inconsolable.  She retired forever from the court and had this room decorated especially for her mourning.  
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