Bla, Blwa, BLOIS!

By now you know there have been a lot of Louis' and Henri's, and Charles' in France.  The Louis you see here is number twelve -- Louis XII.  (When you get used to them, those numbers are not numbers at all, they're a part of the name.)

When the first Renaissance king, Charles VIII, died, he and his wife Anne de Bretagne had no male heir.  To assure a peaceful succession they clearly designate their nephew Louis as their heir.  At this point Brittany is still an independent duchy, however.  To rectify this, Louis annuls his marriage to his homely and sickly wife (the daughter of king Charles, by the way).  He then marries the former and once again Queen, Anne of Brittany herself.  Anne had worked with Charles to renovate Amboise.  Now she works with Louis XII to renovate the great royal castle of Blois.

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