High times on High Street.

The French said "no" to the idea of an "English" monarch, and after decades of war the king of France was reduced to a few castles in this valley.  Paris, Saint Denis, and above all Reims (where all French Kings are consecrated) were in English hands.  The prince Charles of Valois lived here in virtual exile from the land he claimed to rule.

Soon, however, a peasant girl from Lorraine came to Chinon saying she was sent from God to restore the king to his throne.  Charles tested her by dressing as a simple courtier and having a friend don the royal garb.  Without hesitation Joan walked past the imposter and kissed the knee of the shabbily dressed prince Charles.  Soon Joan set off on her campaign the chase the "English" from France.  Our guide today notes several potential portraits of Joan.  Among our Vendéens, she points out Shannon Duggan as fitting the most classical of those portraits.  Shannon knows now that destiny calls. . . 

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