High times on High Street.

Fontevraud thrived in those days under the special protection of the English King and Queen.  Richard's untimely death and his brother's defeat in campaign after campaign soon brought Fontevraud under the rule of the French.  A few centuries later, when this region was securely under the French crown, the Bourbon kings took a liking to the place as well.  Their elder daughters and nieces were named to the position of authority that d'Arbrissel had imagined for great women many centuries before.  While Louis XIV ruled as the Sun King at Versailles, his cousin ruled on the high throne of Fontevraud.  The room you see here is the "chapter room" where the sisters gathered to read the rules that governed their order.  The murals depict scenes from the scriptures with the Bourbon women framing each episode with their magnificent presence.
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