Blackminster, gray skies.

After the bourrine we visit a home hardly more luxurious.  It is that of the turn-of-the-century painter Charles Milcendeau.
   Milcendeau was born in these marshes in 1872.  In school he was a mediocre student, except in drawing.  At the age of twenty he went to Paris where he met greats like Mary Cassatt a native of our own Pittsburgh.  He became the disciple of Gustave Moreau and worked beside his friend Henri Matisse.  His talent was recognized by all around him.  Despite the excitement of Paris, Brussels, and Madrid, where he studied and practiced, Milcendeau eventually returned to his native home in the marshes of Vendée.
   This is his room, hand painted from ceiling to floor.  It is in a house hardly bigger than the two-room bourrine we have just seen.
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