Assault and Battery . . . NOT!

As we've learned this week there were two ways to attack a castle like this one.  The first was by direct assault.  Soldiers stormed the walls with ladders and broke down the doors with battering rams.  Unfortunately, Richard adjusted the walls of this castle in such a way that the paths all led up from the right.  This meant an assailant had to come along the walls with his shield arm to the left, thus exposing him to the arrows, stones, and boiling sands poured down from above.  The quick switches in the path made it difficult to bring ladders and above all battering rams up to the doors.  Success in this endeavor was well rewarded, however.  The doors are cleverly set inside an outer hallway that turns twice 90 degrees and in short space from the entry.  Men carrying rams were clogged up in the open hall trying to turn their rams and get momentum.  They thus were simple living targets for the boiling sand that poured down from above and penetrated their armor and coats of mail.

Assault never worked here, and battery certainly NOT!

Not to be discouraged, WVU-V takes the highest tower today using no other weapon than the charm of the smile on their faces...

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