Smooth . . .

As you may know, Mélusine was a fairy who was doomed to live her life half human and half fish.  Her desire was to live as a human, and she thus succeeded in marrying the charming Prince Lusignan.  She asked only that the Prince leave here still to climb each Sabbath night into the tallest tower of the castle.  At first the Prince accepted this condition, but soon he was burned by curiosity and even a touch of jealousy.  He thus broke in one night and found Mélusine in her bath -- half woman and half fish.  The fairy was mortally pained and threw herself out of the the tower into the airs blowing round the castle.  Her double essence was immediately dissipated -- her human form dissolved into the air and her scales fell gently over the waters around.  Today the shimmering waters of Vendée are still alive with the scales of Mélusine...
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