With Lucie in school, Dr. V. and I are able to spend much of the day taking care of final details for this year's program.  On the agenda are visits to the train station to verify our arrangements for returning from Paris with our Vendéens on Friday, to the offices of France Telecom to settle a few questions about our communications (since we don't have a permanent address here we use a card to access phone lines for posting these pages), and to the local bookstore to buy books and materials for class which begins in the field tomorrow at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

To the left we see the monument to the heroes of World War I, known here at the Place du Poilu de France.  "Poilu" is the term for a French soldier of WWI, the equivalent of our "Doughboy".  Literally it means "Hairy", I said "Hairy" not Harry....  Next week Les Sables will be alive with one of the major reunions of veteran soldiers (I wish I could say Veterans of Foreign Wars, but here the wars were not that...).  I'm sure we'll have a chance to mention that meeting again soon.

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