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The Life Sciences Building houses the biology and psychology departments, which were formerly housed in facilities that had become inadequate for the exploration of contemporary science. All teaching and research spaces associated with these units are housed in the new building.

In the Department of Psychology, these spaces include animal and human research labs, testing and observation centers, computer labs, and the Quin Curtis Center, which provides outpatient mental health services for the local community as well as a training facility for students in clinical psychology. Each of these areas ill satisfy a variety of different research and instructional needs for a department recently ranked in the top five worldwide in behavioral analysis and therapy research.

The Department of Biology's space is composed of two research and teaching environments, environmental biology and cellular and molecular biology. Special support areas serving these programs range from a roof-top greenhouse for environmental research, to an animal facility fro cellular and molecular research. All teaching and research labs will be supplied with the necessary utilities and services required for contemporary biological research. These facilities will provide essential support for a department in which nearly all faculty members are conducting federally-funded research.

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