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Knowledge in the life sciences-biology and psychology is expanding at a greater rate than at any time in history. Researchers are uncovering the blueprints of life by unraveling the DNA sequences of baker's yeast, disease-causing microbes, fruit flies; and, maybe shortly after the new millennium begins, humans.

Understanding of the biological and environmental foundations of human behavior has also expanded enormously during the last decade of the 20th century, and the mind-body connection is now being combined at WVU through the construction of the Life Sciences Building.

An innovative, technologically advanced facility, including classrooms, laboratories, a greenhouse, a mental health clinic, faculty offices, and common areas, the Life Sciences Building will provides students, professors, and staff members in two core departments of the Eberly College, with facilities that meet their instructional, research, and public service missions of the 21st century. These two departments serve the largest numbers of majors within the college and provide numerous courses for undergraduates throughout the university.

The departments of biology and psychology are among the most prestigious units in the university, providing instruction and pursuing research in molecular and cellular biology, environmental biology, human development, behavioral analysis, and clinical psychology. These units have outstanding records of conducting research for the benefit of local, state, national, and international agencies, and in preparing undergraduate students for careers directly after graduation, for acceptance into graduate and professional programs in medicine, dentistry, clinical psychology, and law, and for advanced disciplinary study in preparation for academic and other research-oriented careers. Both units also have highly competitive graduate programs.


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