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English 101, Composition & Rhetoric

The aim of this course is to give qualified part-time learners some strategies to use for the writing they will do in college. Together, we will examine basic skills of composing: how to generate ideas, put them on paper, revise them, and make them appeal to a reader. Writing well involves more than following a set of rules or formulas. It means understanding and using the relationship between who a writer is and who his/her reader might be. This class aims to help you understand that relationship better by practicing it.

During the semester, students do various kinds of writing. They write for themselves and for others, analyze others' texts as well as their own, argue and reflect, and begin to do research. Through synchronous and asynchronous web-based discussions, students explore a writer's voice and purpose. Synchronous discussions, like chat rooms and phone calls, enable students to talk live and receive immediate feedback. Asynchronous forums, such as email or online discussion boards, allow for ongoing interaction among students and with their instructor. There are no prerequisites for this course.

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