A 4D Representation of Antennal Lobe Output Based on an Ensemble of Identified Projection Neurons.

Erich M. Staudachera, Wolf Huetterothb, Joachim Schachtnerb, Kevin C. Dalya
aDepartment of Biology, West Virginia University
bFB Biologie – Tierphysiologie, Philipps-Universität Marburg

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Supplemental movie description:

Peristimulus-time movies of glomerular output show responses (z-score color-coded) to the six odors and a blank in an anatomically correct 4D representation of the AL. In all movies, the AL reference atlas is shown from two viewpoints; the anterior view on the right side, the posterior view on the left side. In the first scene of each movie, the neurilemma is shown as the translucent outer border of each AL. Glomeruli from which we have PN recordings are color-coded according to the output tract the axon was located in (cf. Fig. 3). Abbreviated labels for these output-tracts are shown in the upper middle part of this view. Glomeruli, from which we currently have no recordings from, are translucent. In addition, the three soma clusters are shown as dark grey structures. The colorbar on the right side is based on the z-score transformation and, thus, is in standard deviations. Note that warm colors (yellow to red) represent significant excitation, blue tones represent decreased firing and inhibition; non-significant fluctuations of neuronal firing are represented by green and light blue (cf. Figs. 6 and 7). For clarity, scale bars, soma clusters and tract information are omitted during the main part of each movie. Peristimulus-time is shown relative to the beginning of the odor stimulus at 0 ms, ranges from -500 to 1480 ms and increases in 20 ms steps. The odorant used for stimulation is displayed above the stimulus bar in the lower middle of the screen; both turn red during 100 ms long odor stimulation. Note that from time = 0-400 ms the frame rate is reduced to aid in observing changes in the spatio-temporal pattern of glomerular activation. Finally, in a few cases, some glomeruli are marked in medium grey, which means that data are missing for this particular odor.